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Pressure vessels and testing

Boiler testing guides and electronic versions of some forms are available via this section for logged on members.

Who to contact

If you need to contact us relating to boilers or other pressure vessels and certification, please check the list below so you can get in contact with the correct person directly via the Contact Us page.

  • Boiler Registrar for submission of completed test documents
  • Boiler Registrar for purchase of documents and forms
  • Safety Officer for questions relating to the proper conduct of tests, what must be tested and with regard to other pressure vessels such as for LPG
  • Secretary for any enquiry if you are not a member of an Affiliated Club, Society or Association

Further Information

This section is about boilers and pressure vessels as managed by the Federation of Model Engineering Societies under the rules and procedures created by the Model Engineer Liaison Group. There is no web or contact citation for this group.

Separate discussion on the legal requirements in this area – which are not always the same as the MELG codes procedures and expectations – is given in the section of this website on Understanding the Law.

If you need to purchase boiler documentation, please let us know your requirements by using Contact Us on the home page.

  • Newsletter Feb 2013 – Substantial Section on Boiler Testing

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