Model Engineering

How to get involved

If you are reading this, then presumably you have developed an interest in activities that might be described as Model Engineering. Of course, ‘Model Engineering’, like the full size profession, embraces many different topics. If you can identify the type of activity that you think you would particularly like to follow, then you can use this to find like-minded people or clubs. We have provided a modest facility within the ‘find a club’ option on this web site that may assist, especially for the more popular areas of interest such as miniature railways or traction engines. Certainly you can use the ‘find a club’ facility to identify your nearest clubs and contact them to see if you like what they do. Many clubs have a wide scope for activity not just focussed on a single theme and most clubs have a web site describing these. For example, the ‘Society of Model and Experimental Engineers’ (or SMEE) have a large and varied range of interests that you may find interesting.

Model Engineering

Get stuck in

If you are starting out on your career and developing your hobby interests too, then some clubs have a thriving ‘Young Engineers’ section, and we reflect this with a specifically dedicated ‘Young Engineers’ area of our website. Again, a search for this facility using the ‘find a club’ option, or by reviewing club websites should help identifying these.

Joining a club is a very good way to learn, to get started and to get advice! All clubs are voluntary and will welcome new members, particularly if you remember that in return for the help and advice you should be willing to ‘get stuck in’ to assist club activities such as maintenance and helping to run events!

Many Model Engineers developed their interest by ‘just having a go’ (see our case studies section) and this is a good mantra to follow as long as you recognise that learning comes from making mistakes…we all do it. Of course, having someone to ask for advice from time to time, either about small things like how to make a particular part, or larger things like what tools to buy or models to tackle is beyond price….and this is where club members with specialist knowledge come into their own.

There is another significant benefit of joining a club, that of sharing with fellow members the invaluable bond of belonging to a body of like-minded individuals with a passion for the hobby: these friendships can last a lifetime.

There are a number of publications available from the commercial press that also carry much information and contacts and a quick search using your browser will highlight many. They include those with a broad base of interests within Model Engineering such as:

Model Engineer and associated magazines:

Engineering in Miniature and associated magazines:

And those that are more specialised, including: