Volunteering for FMES

Volunteering for FMES is a very positive way for you to support your hobby. The hobby is clearly made up of people who ‘make things’ and whose primary interest is practical, however in order to enjoy and share the pleasure this gives, it is usually beneficial to be a member of a club and participate in events, including engaging with members of the public. This means that an organisation representing all clubs is essential to provide a forum for debate, development of good practice, response to legislation, encouragement for newcomers to the hobby and many other aspects to meet national challenges. All of this requires management and delivery and is an excellent opportunity for you to contribute to the success of the hobby on another level. It also gives you the chance, perhaps, to use those hard-won business and professional skills in a supportive way to help others!

We need people who want to help us deliver our strategy. This includes communication, development and providing services such as workshops, events, guidelines, and hobby promotion, maybe through events and competitions for young and old, and to be a supportive and accessible place for clubs to get advice on defined topics.

If you are interested in this and want to find out more, please contact us by completing the form below.  We will be in contact within 7 working days.  

Thank you

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    Future Strategy

    This synopsis briefly describes the headline results of the strategic review of FMES conducted by the board and informed by comments from affiliated members as a result of structured and unstructured feedback.

    First of all though it was appropriate to understand what the FMES recognises as ‘Model Engineering’, and the result of this discussion is the following definition:

    Model Engineering is the art and science of creating miniature machinery using some or all relevant professional and artisan skills including design and design for making, parts manufacture, fitting and testing and maintained use.