In response to requests from member organisations, we have produced a Steam Engine Driver’s Manual. The purpose of this Manual is to provide a reference for both new and experienced drivers. It may also provide a basis for the assessment of both new and experienced drivers by a club’s Compliance Manager or Safety Officer.

Nothing in this manual shall be construed as a mandate or best practice that might be considered an obligation for any person club or society to follow.

The Manual is limited to the requirements and procedures for the safe operation of steam powered vehicles, including railway locomotives and road tractors (traction engines). However, many of the topics, for example boiler management, are also relevant to the operation of stationary steam engines.

It does not cover those aspects of driving locomotives on railways or tractors on roads that are not related to the management of the steam vehicle – for example, observation of signals or signage, control of passengers, etc.; in other words those aspects of operation that would generally apply to any sort of engine irrespective of its means of propulsion. Some aspects are noted where especially relevant.

The manual is available by clicking here.