Apply to Affiliate a Society

This enables you to start the application process for registering a Society as an Affiliate of the Federation of Model Engineering Societies. You will need to know a number of basic facts about your Society. Please read completely the application form that follows before starting to fill it in – for if some information is not to hand you will not be able to submit its contents.

Please see Annual Fees before proceeding.

You will be invited to add further officers of your Society to your registration after your registration has been confirmed.

Account Terms of Use

Lists of contacts and related data are maintained in the restricted area of this website.  This information is intended solely for those affilated to the Federation, its suppliers, partners and governing bodies.  By applying for an account you agree that you will respect the licensing basis of this website and that you will ensure that the website is used only for purposes permitted by law.

Register yourself

You cannot register yourself personally. If you are a member of a currently Affiliated Society, please ask your Society secretary if you should be registered. He or she can then do so for you if your role in your Society makes you eligible for registration.



Please provide us with details to start the registration process for you. We use your email address to identify you uniquely and for your log on name.

Immediately you complete your application we will email you with details of your logon and a request that you confirm receipt of that email. This is to ensure you have entered your email address correctly and also to provide a secure way for you to set your password. We do not store your password in the database in any form that anyone, even developers, can use to determine what you have typed, and hence your password cannot be stolen from our database.

Please make sure that your security and email software will not block receipt of our emails, for if one of them does then you will not be able to complete this process. Please whitelist or add to safe senders in all your relevant applications and with your Internet Service Provider the domain It is important to do this before continuing with the application.

Why / How to whitelist

Problems with Spam Filters

Your security software on your computer and your Internet Service Provider’s mail service may not have yet learnt that our website is safe.

If you do not tell your software and that of your Internet Service Provider that you trust us, then those applications may assume that our website could be a source of SPAM.

Most of these applications have the means to detect the difference between a direct email and one issued from a computer application or website. This is why they provide you with a means to let them know to trust a domain as a safe sender of emails.

Please note that the rules these applications use are complex and are not consistently applied by each one; they are not under our control and it would be inappropriate for us to try to circumvent them.

If you do not know how to implement this request, then you need to seek help directly from your Suppliers.  A good start would be put the phrase ‘safe sender’ followed by your application or service provider name into your favourite search engine.

The problem of false email filtering is now endemic; so if you enter ‘SPAM filter issues’ into the Google search bar you will get a list of sub choices naming the worst of the major service providers for this problem.

A first test to see if this is OK for this website will be to use our contact administrator facility to send a message to our administrator saying you are testing your email connectivity (please make it clear that you are not looking for a reply from the Administrator).  You should receive a copy of that email within 10 seconds if the connectivity is working.

Even if you receive emails sent by hand from our website, it is still possible that emails sent from our website might be blocked. So don’t use the receipt of hand issued emails as an indicator that website emails might be received

The website uses Cookies and this will be active by default. If you do not want this then you can use the Settings button that appears after you have logged on to change your preference, or you can set your browser not to allow Cookies.

Your request for an account cannot be processed until you have confirmed your email. So before spending time filling in the form please make sure that none of the software on your machine will prevent delivery of the email as indicated above.

Your confirmation email will normally be delivered a few seconds after you successfully submit your form. If you have refreshed your mail by using your synchronise or send/receive process and still do not receive your email within 5 minutes, please contact the administrator immediately for assistance. You will find a link to do this on the About us page.



The form has three parts: documenting the Society, documenting the primary contact in the Society and confirmation that the application is valid.  At this stage, we only ask for the minimum information needed to get the process going.  You will be able to add additional information once your account has been set up.

In order to submit your form, you will need to provide answers to all the mandatory questions.  We recommend that you review all of the application before you start to make sure that you have all the information to hand before starting data entry.

Once your application has been accepted you will have the opportunity to register for your Society: the Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman, Social Secretary and Boiler Test Manager (if any) and also to enter or update other information about your Society.

We ask that you consider carefully who needs to be registered on this website and avoid entering people in excess of the minimum required to fulfill your role as an affiliated Society.

About Your Society

  • Please document the premises where your Society operates, giving the official legal name of your Society, its public facing website, if any, and details of how the public may contact the Society.
  • Note that any personal details given in this section will be made public and you should be prepared for any consequences of this.
  • The information given here will be available to any member of the public and to web crawlers that for example collect information for search engines.
  • You will be able to update this information online from time to time as you need.

The Primary Contact

  • The Primary Contact is the Society officer chosen to be the person the FMES will contact by default when the FMES needs to get in touch with your Society: often this may be the Secretary.  Later you can add people with other roles if you wish, or if they are to participate in FMES activities.
  • If there is a need to contact your Society on a specific matter, such as boiler testing, and you have entered the details of a person having that role, then we will contact that person directly.  If no such person is recorded for your Society then the Primary Contact will receive the message.
  • By default, these details will only be available to Federation managers and to other people in your own Society who you might later add to this website. The website will allow registered contacts from other Societies to contact your Society officers by email via this website but in doing so will not disclose your email address to them.  The website will also share your telephone number(s) to other registered Society officers except for ones you have marked as private.


We ask that you agree to keep confidential any information about others that you obtain from this website, and that you will pass this duty of care onto others from your Society that may in future become listed on this website.  If a person asks you for information from this website, you acknowledge UK Data Protection legislation and agree not to provide it to them, but instead to ask them to visit this website where our system can check their right to see the information.  We also ask that you agree to comply with the principles of good behaviour expected of the Federation’s Affiliated Society Officers.



Some notes for filling in the next tabs

  • You need to complete the data in all tabs before you can press the Submit Application button.
  • If you are already known in our records, perhaps because of involvement with another Society, please first contact the Membership Secretary so you do not attempt to create a second account for yourself.

Some notes about the Federation and your Application

  • The Federation represents amateur organisations that promote model engineering as a hobby including the use of these models for the purposes of raising funds to support the hobby when staffed and managed by unpaid volunteers.
  • Your application is for a voting membership of a Member Society under the Federation’s constitution.  Your details will be used as set down in the Data Protection Policy.
  • These details should be completed by a person authorised by the Applicant Organisation to make this application.
  • In making this application the Organisation agrees to pay the annual subscription and to keep the Membership Secretary informed of all changes relating to affiliation information that has been provided to the Federation.  You can advise the Membership Secretary electronically via our website or via amendment forms at any time.
  • We will ask you for your membership fee in due course.  All records and communications are normally electronic.
  • The Federation has negotiated discounted Insurance terms for Affiliated Model Engineering Societies. If you apply for that Insurance, please ensure you quote your FMES membership number to obtain a discount.

Guidance Notes

The process:

Your application when submitted on line, will be sent to the Membership Secretary who will advise you if any further information is required and will then present the application to the FMES Management Committee for consideration. This will take place at a regular meeting and the results will be communicated to you afterwards by email.

If your application is successful, you will be invited to sign an Agreement for Membership and Guarantee (guaranteeing to support any liabilities of FMES to a maximum amount of £1), and will be invited to select a password to allow access to the members area of the website. Here, you will be able to update your club information and access other services.

You will then be able to use the services and facilities of FMES.

Important notes:

When you make an application, you are agreeing to a number of aspects of membership. These include:

  • To provide accurate club information and to maintain/update your club information on the website.
  • To provide the name and contact details of at least one club officer, with an active email account, who will act as primary contact for FMES messages. This officer is expected to disseminate the information as appropriate within the club.
  • To agree to receive email and occasional posted messages for the purposes of delivering the FMES services and important information. This includes enabling email addresses used to be able to receive FMES messages without blocking.
  • To pay the requested subscription fees in a timely manner. These will be advised in advance.
  • To follow procedures required by FMES in a proper manner for the purposes of Testing and Certification of pressure vessels.
  • That the club is a bona fide amateur organisation that exists for the enjoyment for members engaged in the hobby of model engineering.


Apply for Affiliation of a Society

    Public Club Information

    The section is data that will be made available to the public for search/contacts etc.

    Private club and Officer information

    This section is data that will only be used by FMES for the purposes of contacting the club, or, suitably anonymised, for internal research.

    Person making the application:

    Your Role (applications can only be made by an Officer)

    Primary Contact Information

    Information made available to other member societies.
    Their Role (applications can only be made by an Officer)

    Engagement in support of Amateur Model Engineering:

    This section will be used in the assessment of the application by the FMES Management Committee.


    Data Update

    If you are unable to complete the webform, please contact the Membership Secretary for guidance.