Traditionally, the Autumn Rally has been our venue for the Australian Association of Live Steamers Trophy competition, and whilst this has been very successful with some very impressive steam locomotives competing, it is restricted to steam locomotives of a particular range of designs. The clubs that we represent have members with broader interests than this competition provides for, and we decided in 2023 to develop a new competition with wider relevance.

The Autumn Rally Competition varies each year according to the interests and facilities of the host club. One year it might, indeed, be restricted to railway locomotives (although not only steam powered), other years it may include traction engines, stationary engines, boats and in fact all aspects of model engineering represented by the host club.

As a result, whilst the framework of rules will remain the same, the scope for different models to enter will be varied. This does mean that models that were eligible one year may not be the following year: to make sure, you should check the scope by referring to the rules for each years event (see ‘next event’).

Here are some links to further information for your interest: