Frequently Asked Questions


Why did we change to Walker Midgley?

Flexibility of a specialist broker including being able to pick your own anniversary date for policy renewals

What will happen to costs compared with our previous Footman James policy?

The Walker Midgley insurance is underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance as was the Footman James insurance. We have only changed the Broker. So the underlying rates should not change significantly and may be downwards after allowing for inflation.

My Club used to be with Footman James: How do I get my next policy

Walker Midgley will contact you but If if you have not heard anything by 1st March please contact them directly.

My Club did not use Footman James: How do I engage with Walker Midgley to get my next policy

A registered officer of your club should ask the Membership Secretary to enable Insurance data sharing. Walker Midgley will then contact you.

How does my club get the 10% discount?

This is automatic if via your Club Afilliation.

What if I don’t want to transfer my existing Footman James cover to Walker Midgley?

Ask the Membership Secretary not to share your club data for insurance purposes.

There is no obligation to use Walker Midgley. Your Footman James arranged cover will cease at the expiration of your current policy at which time you may arrange cover with Walker Midgley or with any other insurance provider of your choice.

Limitation on Commercial Activities

If a club/society provides a living (or part living) for its owners or provides a living (or part living) for one or more employees it might not be covered by standard club and society insurance. If you think that this might affect your club/society it is recommended that you seek advice from Walker Midgley.

Will the policy terms for Walker Midgley be the same as Footman James?

They will be similar but they are set down in a different format. Walker Midgley will be sending you full details and will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Can any current boiler certificate be used for insurance purposes?

Yes, provided it is issued in accordance with The Examination & Testing of Miniature Steam Boilers (Revised Edition 2006) and any subsequent revisions or provided the issuer uses a SAFed or NTET written scheme or the testing agency appears on the NTET register of boiler inspectors. Every possible testing agency in the UK is included. Boilers steamed in the UK must have PSSR2000 compliant boiler test certification.

Whilst boilers and other pressure vessels visiting from outside the UK may have a boiler/pressure vessel certificate issued in their home country, that certification is not valid in the UK. This applies to boilers/pressure vessels from Europe as well as from elsewhere in the world.

To whom do I report an incident?

All incidents likely to give rise to a claim should be reported direct to Walker Midgley. This includes any incident occurring between now and the expiration of the cover arranged by Footman James.

How long does it take updates to get to Walker Midgley?

Any changes to your insurance requirements, and this includes the correspondence name and address, should be advised direct to Walker Midgley who will make the necessary changes and issue a revised schedule.

Website updates, including your own direct on-line updates to Club Officers are available to Walker Midgley immediately for those Clubs and Societies that have Insurance Data Sharing enabled.

How do I get more information?

Please contact Walker Midgley direct and it will provide full details of the Federation’s insurance scheme and give you any necessary advice.